ProtoSlice is a free application for iOS based platforms and released on November 4, 2011. This application was created by TwitchGames along with Activision and is based on a similar application from TwitchGames, called "Slice HD".

The game involves a series of puzzles where the player is to avoid the infected blade in-order to hit the "P2" panic button hidden under these blades. And in-case the player touches a sharp edge, a jarring splatter of blood splashes the screen and the puzzle will reset. Between each level of the game, a screenshot or a concept art related to the upcoming game Prototype 2 is displayed.

Some of the puzzles have multiple blades that will require you to use multiple fingers to hold them each in place while moving other blades out of the way. Completing the puzzles within the time limit is more of a personal goal, since the game lacks online leaderboards.

This application can be downloaded on iTunes.



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