P2 Labyrinth Part1

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Prototype 2: The Labyrinth is the third and final comic book of the Prototype series. Labyrinth follows the story of James Heller as a US Marine Sergeant.


Part 1Edit

  • Published: April 11, 2012

Heller is woken up by a man name called Saul Benjamin who introduces himself as a photographer. Heller enquires where they're were being held, however, Saul informed that the last thing he could remember was falling asleep while accompanying a light armored unit while Heller claimed that he was on patrol. Saul tried to detail the soldiers he had seen in the bunker and how the last two prisoners were tortured.

Soon, Saul was taken away by a few soldiers, while Heller was left alone. After sometime, the gates to his prison were opened and Heller moved out cautiously. He dismantled the lever to use it as a weapon, as he came across a few infected Walkers dressed in lab coats. Heller found a weapon cache and continued to find a way out of the bunker. On his way he came across two soldiers who were terribly injured.

Part 2Edit

  • Published: April 25, 2012
P2 Labyrinth Part2

Heller and the two soldiers make their way through the bunker. As Heller shoots through a few bars, they are attacked by a Spiked Brawler. The soldiers shout at Heller to retreat back into the prison, but Heller guns down the Brawler and continues towards the exit. The soldiers introduce themselves as Jones and Kaley and inform Heller that the bunker was run by scientists. They reveal that these scientists had got samples from the first Manhattan outbreak.

Eventually, they come across Santos, a scientist whom Jones claims was infected with the virus. Jones orders Heller to shoot him, but Heller hesitates as Santos was not displaying any signs of infection. Santos pleads to Heller not to kill him as he wasn't infected, while Jones and Kaley shout at Heller to shoot him. Heller decides not to shoot Santos as he was unarmed and uninfected. Upon hearing Heller's decision, Jones sedates him.

Heller wakes up back in the infirmary in Iraq, Captain Langford informs Heller that a sniper bullet had grazed him, while his associate Patterson had been killed. Langford assures Heller that he might experience memory loss due to the trauma and leaves Heller to speak to his family. Outside, Colonel Shawcross informs Langford that Heller's action back in the bunker had made it clear that he was not Blackwatch material.

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