Heller displaying his new combat prowess in the lab.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 2
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Walkers
Upgrades Consume
Web of Intrigue Mark Simon
Previous Meet Your Maker
Next The Strong Survive
Resurrection is the first mission in the Yellow Zone area of Prototype 2.

The LabEdit

Picking up where the prologue left off, Heller is being experimented on in a Gentek lab in the Yellow Zone. He is released, only to be faced with a horde of Infected. He easily bests them, and demands his release. The presiding Col. Rooks and Dr. Koenig release three more Infected hordes. As Heller easily defeats them, Rooks exclaims Heller is too powerful, and orders Lt. Riley to burn him (Heller). Rooks sends two grunts to investigate Heller's corpse. However, as soon as they do, Heller leaps up and consumes one, while more Infected are released. Koenig screams loudly for Heller to consume them to regain his health, while Riley attempts a second burning. Rooks departs, ordering Riley to remain behind and ensure the Infected are purged. The moment he leaves, however, Heller tears the operating table from its place, and throws it at the window, and takes a huge leap towards the opening.

Early ReleaseEdit

As Heller leaps through the broken window, Riley opens fire. Heller bursts through the door, and half staggers/runs through the alleys, until he is hit by the body of a Blackwatch grunt. He hears a voice, and looks around, into the hooded face of Alex Mercer. Heller demands knowledge of his predicament. Mercer explains that he gave Heller the "Mercer Virus", as the media had dubbed it, and explains that the second outbreak is a biological weapons test by Gentek, of the collected specimens of the first outbreak. He tries to convince Heller, via the consumption of the grunt, that Gentek and Blackwatch are the enemy. Despite the clear evidence, Heller still refuses to believe him. Mercer elaborates on recent events, upon which Heller solemnly agrees to aid him. As Mercer departs, Heller uses his new "skills" to fashion a better attire than his current appearance.

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