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Hell comes to His house

Salvation is the seventh mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2

Holy GroundEdit

Guerra contacts Heller in a state of panic. He hurriedly explains that Blackwatch has figured out his alliance with Heller, and is assaulting the church. Running at top speed, Heller slays the attacking soldiers. Soon, a squad of APCs arrive. Utilizing his military training, Heller tears the APC's TOW launcher off, and uses it as a projectile weapon. Soon, the APCs fall as well.

The Right to FightEdit

Seconds after the APCs fall, a helicopter appears, and dispatches several rocket-bearing soldiers. Heller makes short work of them, as they are soon replaced by two more choppers. Taking them down as well, a Blackwatch commander musters the last of his forces in a single direct assault. The same result follows. As Heller returns to the church, he finds Guerra huddled in a corner, lamenting on his actions. Heller manages to convince him to continue his quest for justice. Guerra decides to move his operations to the Green Zone. Heller will join him, after his work in the Yellow Zone is finished...

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