Shaun Paul Piccinino

Shaun Paul Piccinino

Shaun Paul Piccinino is an American actor,voice actor and stunt coordinator. Piccinino has been credited for the Mo-cap of Alex Mercer's stunts in Prototype 2.


Piccinino's work in acting began over twenty years ago when he starred in his first stage play. With his Father, a drama professor at the local college and an avid producer/director, Piccinino spent most his childhood on the stage.

Along with his love for acting came a passion for the Martial Arts. Winning an AAU National Championship in weapons and earning two black belts, in both Karate & Kung Fu, because according to Piccinino, he has always had an eye for the arts.

Piccinino's first exposure to acting was when he was just 17 years of age in his home town when local commercials he starred in started showing. He became a local celebrity with his high flying acrobatics and acting in local commercial spots. Piccinino moved to Los Angeles in early 2001 where he began working with some of the largest talents in the business.

Piccinino's most notable accomplishments include his work as the 2nd Unit Director and Assistant Fight Choreographer on both seasons of Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior. He starred as William Wallace and was featured in the opening credits of the first season displaying his competency with many specialty weapons.


  • Piccinino holds Black Belts in both Shorin Ryu Karate as well as Pyong An Do Wan (Way of the Peaceful Mind) Kung Fu. Studying Martial Arts since 11 years old, Shaun achieved an AAU National Championships Gold Medal for weapons.

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