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Spiked Brawler
Sp Brawler
In-Game Information
Affiliations Infected
Variations Brawler Hunter
Weapons Claws, Thrown Projectiles
Misc. Information
Health Very High
Attacks Swing or maul their target, Throw chunks of concrete at helicopters.
Appears in Prototype 2

Spiked Brawlers are large humanoid variants of Blacklight beings created after the second outbreak. They are an evolved form of the Brawler Hunters, distinguished by the spike growth on their back.[1]

Appearance & PowersEdit

Spiked Brawlers resemble mutated gorillas with reptilian features. They have many protruding spikes out on their backs, and luminescent red patterns that cover their hide. Their faces are also more pronounced than regular Hunters. Using their sheer strength, they are capable of vibrating the ground with powerful and continued shockwaves which, if not dodged or blocked in time, can cause large amount of damage.


  • They bite the heads of infected when damaged to restore lost portion of health.
  • When you cut two of its arms and transform first into heller form or disguise and then consume and heller would open its mouth like hell making it bleed so bad.
  • Spiked Brawlers were formerly known as Brawler Hunters, and first seen in 2007-2008 builds of Prototype.


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