"This whole place is a crime."
―Peter Cross to Haggard.[src]
DC Springfield

Cross along with his team at Springfield.

Springfield was an underground town built during the Cold War. Russian defectors and prisoners of war; primarily scientist and KGB agents along with their families were housed here.[1]

In 1998 Springfield was decimated by the Redlight virus. The residents were either killed or infected by the virus. Blackwatch used this town as a test field for new recruits. Lieutenant Cross and a team of recruits were sent in to clean up and evacuate Dr. Mathieu Doublet as part of Operation Ice Storm.

However the team was overwhelmed by infected animals. Most of them were killed during this ambush. Cross along with the remaining soldiers, managed to rig explosives to the town's gas lines, hoping the explosion would kill the remnants of the town. Cross succeeded in escaping and destroying the town at the loss of his team.[1]


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