Taking the Castle
Taking the Castle
The Castle and its men.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 14B
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Blackwatch soldier
Super Soldier
Web of Intrigue Clint Riley
Previous A Nest of Vipers
Next A Maze of Blood

Taking the Castle is the possible second mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2

Tear Down the WallEdit

After hearing that one Doctor Archer is going to replace Koenig, personally elected by him, and thus suspected by Heller of being Evolved, and that her team is in the Green Zone, Heller infiltrates a briefing by Rooks on the situation. He is then unknowingly commissioned to protect Archer's team. He instead uses this knowledge to find and consume them. However, none of them show Evolved traits or possess any worthwhile memories. At that moment, however, a more pressing matter had come up...

Revenge is Best Served ColdEdit

Upon hearing of Archer's team's demise, Riley suits up in a platoon of tanks to coral Heller. However, hijacking one of Riley's tanks, he uses it to decimate the entire squad. When he finally finds Riley, he goes to consume him. Riley declares Rooks will kill the Prototype for this, but Heller shocks the Lieutenant by declaring he is going to exploit Riley's skin as a method of information. Riley is then consumed, giving Heller his visage and memories, then is contacted by Rooks, where he manages to successfully imitate Riley, to learn that Archer has disappeared from Blackwatch's radar.

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