Pro1 Templar Emblem

The Templars are an unknown subject encountered during the first and second Manhattan outbreak.[1][2]

First outbreak

Karen Parker possessed documents related to the Templars. However, their content is unknown.[1]

Second outbreak

During the second outbreak, James Heller encountered a group of Gentek scientists who were part of Project New Templar. The project's goal was to engineer a targeted virus to sterilize the impoverished lower class in United States. Heller choose to leave the New Templar scientists to die in a helicopter crash instead of consuming them after he learned about their goal.[2]


  • Although never mentioned explicitly in Prototype, the name Templar appears in two documents included in the texture files (both briefly visible in cut-scenes), one of them Blacklight related.
  • The appearance of these Templars bear a coincidental similarity to their counterparts in the Assassin's Creed game series. The Templars are portrayed as a shadow organization controlling governments and major events around the world.