Pro1 Templar Emblem

The Templars are an unknown subject encountered during the first and second Manhattan outbreak.[1][2]

First outbreak

Karen Parker possessed documents related to the Templars. However, its content is unknown.[1]

Second outbreak

During the second outbreak, James Heller encountered a group of Gentek scientists who were part of Project New Templar. The project's goal was to engineer a targeted virus to sterilize the impoverished lower class in United States. Heller choose to leave the New Templar scientists to die in helicopter crash instead of consuming them after he learned about their goal.[2]


  • Although never mentioned explicitly in Prototype, the name Templar appears in two documents included in the texture files (both briefly visible in cut-scenes), one of them Blacklight related.
  • The appearance of these Templars bear a coincidental similarity to their counterparts in the Assassin's Creed game series. The Templars are portrayed as a shadow organization controlling governments and major events around the world.



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