The Door in the Wall
LH 2
A Leader Hunter with Dana in its clutch.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 6.01
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Leader Hunter
Previous Biological Imperative
Next First and Last Things

The Door in the Wall is a mission in Prototype. The event happens on Day 10 of the Infection, with 68 percent of the total population infected.

Still a BrotherEdit

Cured of the cancer that was killing him, Alex Mercer returns to his sister's safehouse. Dana enquires what Ragland had to say about the viral outbreak, but Alex interrupts and tries to convince her why the murders were necessary. Dana accepts her brother's reasons and assures him that whatever he may be now, he is still her brother.


Alex interrupts her as he senses something. Moments later, a new form of Hunter crashes through the exterior wall, grabs Dana in its talons, and bounds away across the rooftops! Alex attempts to confront this Hunter, but its attacks are far more powerful than he had expected. Eventually, it calls for more Hunters to delay Alex.

After dealing with the summoned Hunters, Alex tries to resume his chase, however, one of the UAVs detects Alex and requests an airstrike. In this chaos, Alex loses track of the Leader Hunter -- and Dana with it.

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