The Lab Rat
The Lab Rat
Shell of a man-child.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 7A
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Transport helicopter
Web of Intrigue Nathan Bellamy
Previous Project Long Shadow
Next Feeding Time

The Lab Rat is the possible seventh mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2

Doctor, Oh DoctorEdit

Upon hearing a broadcast informing all Blackwatch troops that Dr. Bellamy is being moved to the Green Zone for safe-keeping, Heller races to intercept Bellamy's transport helicopter, and destroys it. In response, Bellamy is loaded into an APC, and convoyed across the Yellow Zone. Heller manages to destroy the convoy with his new Tendril power, and promptly consumes Bellamy, closing in on Burk and the elusive "Phase Two"...

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