The Mad Scientist
The Mad Scientist
A mad man and a madman.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 9
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Blackwatch soldier
Blackwatch officer
Orion Super Soldier
Previous Salvation
Next Phase Two

The Mad Scientist is the ninth mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2

Madness is a VirtueEdit

Heller's actions have decimated Blackwatch and Gentek's operations in the Yellow Zone, but Heller knows that there are high-up researchers still in the Yellow Zone, Dr. Koenig above them all. Heller infiltrates Koenig's base, releasing and then killing some Brawlers, all while incognito. When he confronts Koenig, however, the Doctor expresses relief at Heller's presence. He explains that Gentek has forced him to aid in the development of Project "Orion": a program to create an army of super-soldiers to combat Heller. Koenig gives Heller the program's base coordinates, and sends him off.

A VolunteerEdit

When Heller arrives at the base, Koenig says that in order to ensure localized mayhem, Heller must destroy the communication towers. But, as he finishes with them, a brawny, armored thug appears, and challenges Heller to a fight. The thuggish man admits to volunteering for Orion as a way to revenge Heller for his friends' slaughter. As Heller combats the Super Soldier, he quickly bests him with his Shields, then begins to destroy the substations of the base. The moment he does, two more Orion 'volunteers' come out. They suffer the same fate as the first. In the heat of the moment, Heller overhears Dr. Burk tell of the program's "proving grounds" and the ongoing research there. Heller orders Koenig to find out more about these "proving grounds"...


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