The Stolen Body
Stolen body 1
Ragland examines the Parasite.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 5.03
Additional Info
Opposition Infected Citizen
Previous Under the Knife
Next Biological Imperative

The Stolen Body is a mission in Prototype. This incident occurs on Day 8 of the Infection, with 49 percent of the populace infected.

Finding Patient ZeroEdit

With the location of the bodies revealed, Alex Mercer returns to Ragland's morgue. On his way, the parasite causes intense pain and Mercer barely manages reach to the hospital. As he recovers from the pain, Ragland examines the parasite on Mercer's back and informs him that it might be feeding on him to create a cure for the infection.

Mercer commandeers an APC and escorts Ragland to the military base. When they arrive at the base, they notice it has been overrun by Infected and abandoned by the military. As they enter the base, the Infected start to attack. Ragland informs Mercer he would need some time to collect a few samples. Mercer agrees to hold back the Infected for as long as he can, but soon they start to damage the lab's walls even as Mercer tries to fight them back.

Frustrated, Mercer calls Ragland and suggest to leave him behind if he doesn't hurry. Ragland comes out of the lab as Mercer kills the last of the Infected. But as they exit the base, a Hydra emerges from the ground. Mercer hurries through the streets with Ragland in the APC as more Hydras start to block their path.

They arrive safely at the hospital and Ragland informs Mercer to return after a few hours.

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