The Strong Survive
The Strong Survive
Heller turns to Father Guerra for help.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 3
Zone Yellow Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Blackwatch soldier
Blackwatch officer
Upgrades Hunting
Web of Intrigue Blackwatch Officer WoI 1
Blackwatch Officer WoI 2
Previous Resurrection
Next Operation Flytrap
The Strong Survive is the second mission in the Yellow Zone area in Prototype 2

The World as it isEdit

The camera pans around various scenes of refugees huddled around fire cans or lounging on garbage couches. As Heller walks through the disrepute, he notices a trio of Blackwatch soldiers, two grunts and a captain, approaching two vandals. As he tries to subtly pass by, one grunt calls him out, and the captain insults him. Heller precedes to beat, and consume him, upon which an attack squad is called in. As Heller evades them, he learns that he can take on the form of those he consumes, and uses it to escape the squad.

Path of the Righteous MenEdit

As Heller reaches higher ground, he recognizes the neighborhood, especially his former church, and goes to see if his friend, and the priest of the church, Luis Guerra, is there. As he approaches the church, he sees the Father spray-painting "CLOSED" on the boarded-up door. Guerra turns to gaze upon what he thinks is an unholy being, drops to his knees, and crosses his heart. Heller makes himself known, and accompanies Guerra, telling him of recent tidings. As much as Guerra wants to help him, he refuses, out of fear of retaliation by Blackwatch. Heller offers to convince him of otherwise.

Restoring FaithEdit

Seeking a way to convince Father Guerra of his abilities to combat Blackwatch, Heller is informed by Guerra of the location of two Blackwatch commanders. As Heller travels there, his vision begins to flash brightly. As he nears the location, it occurs again. He reaches a vantage point, spotting the two commanders, one leaving immediately after, whereupon he discovers his new ability to sense and track his targets. He consumes the first commander, and contacts Guerra about the other one's location. He uses his new power to track the other one, and promptly consumes him as well. He learns of Rooks' involvement in his lab experience, and attempts to track him, to no avail. Heller is then forced to escape from approaching reinforcements, using his shape-shifting ability.

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