The White Light
The White Light
Blackness in white light.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype 2
Episode 13B
Zone Green Zone
Additional Info
Opposition Evolved
Upgrades Weaponization (Air)
Web of Intrigue Keith Gallagher
Previous A Stranger Among Us
Next A Nest of Vipers

The White Light is the possible first mission in the Green Zone area in Prototype 2

A Cure for All IllsEdit

Guerra contacts him, and gives Heller the news: Blackwatch has announced the creation of a guaranteed cure; a compound called "Whitelight". Being ever suspicious, however, Heller tracks the head of the release, Commander Gallagher, finding him in the midst of preparing to launch the cure, but upon trying to consume him, discovers that Gallagher is in fact Evolved.

Sharp MedicationEdit

Taunting him from afar, calling him "family", Gallagher flees through the streets, as Heller begins the pursuit, while Blackwatch begins their own pursuit of both targets. As Heller nears him on one roof, Gallagher comments that he [Heller] is still no better than a man, and skyjacks a helicopter, regarding his intolerance to disobedience, but Heller rips off the rocket pod, and forces Gallagher to crash. A fight ensues, with Gallagher taunting Heller about failing Mercer, but is swiftly defeated and consumed. Upon Gallagher's consumption, Heller gains the ability to shift his arm into a large, slashing weapon, as well as a partial truth behind the whole affair: Mercer has some sinister purpose in protecting the cure to the virus, which leaves Heller clueless...

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