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The Thermobaric Helicopter was the only helicopter used by Blackwatch, and was part of Project Firehawk.

The Explosion was used for the Thermobaric Boomstick's thermobaric rockets.

Overview Edit

The Thermobaric Helicopter was seen as a usual Helicopter, except it had Thermobaric rockets instead of the usual ones, it also had pyrositic bullets that replaced the usual-ones, the pyrositic bullets impale less damage than the Thermobaric Rockets but still do most. If the player weaponizes its pod, it will be useless.

The Thermobaric Helicopters were all lined like dominoes, in order to show that the mission to annihilate the city was going to start when the commander orders for lift-off.

Information Edit

*The Thermobaric Helicopter was influenced from the Phoenix, as Fire means Pyro-based weapons and Hawk means Helicopter.

*The ammo that each of the Thermobaric Helicopter's have, came from the Thermobaric Bunker.

*The Thermobaric Boomstick maybe the pod on the Thermobaric Helicopter, since it has a similar Explosion to it and was in fact created by Blackwatch.

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