Mercer Disguise Bloodtox

Things to Come is a mission in Prototype.

Out in the OpenEdit

With the Bloodtox pumper in position and the Military along with Blackwatch guarding it, Alex Mercer activates the machine. As Bloodtox is pumped under the city, Infected Hunters and Leader Hunters emerge to disrupt the deployment. Alex continues to protect the pumper even in Blackwatch's presence.

With the increase of the infected, Blackwatch sends in more reinforcements along with D-Code soldiers. Although the D-codes detect Mercer's presence, their main priority is Bloodtox deployment. To make matters worse, Hydras have now surfaced to harass the military forces. However, Blackwatch (along with Mercer) manage to take them out, ensuring successful deployment of Bloodtox.

With the last of Greene's infected forces killed, Elizabeth Greene emerges to the surface in a behemoth form.

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