Two Tickets
Prototype 2932tickets
Alex pursues Taggart.
Mission Stats
Game Prototype
Episode 9.02
Additional Info
Opposition Marine
Blackwatch soldier
Super Soldier
Sentry Guns
Thermobaric tank
Web of Intrigue Ian Taggart
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Two Tickets is a mission in Prototype. This incident occurs on Day 15 of the Infection, with 60 percent of the populace infected.

We're on the ChaseEdit

Now that Mercer has disabled Taggart's air transports, the Colonel has resorted to a different plan. He's instructed the Marines and Blackwatch soldiers to set up road blocks to clear an escape route on land. Alex manages to infiltrate and destroy the base, and as he does so, one of Taggart's tank transports makes a run for it. Even so, Alex is in hot pursuit, and commandeers as many tanks as he can to catch up with Taggart. Not only that, he also has a number of Super Soldiers and Sentry Guns to deal with as well. As Alex pursues Taggart, he constantly shouts to his foe that he cannot be stopped this time. Finally, Mercer catches up with his quarry at the Brooklyn Bridge. Mercer consumes Taggart, assumes his appearance, and infiltrates the USS Ronald Reagan.

"And then there was one..."
―Alex Mercer[src]


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