After the brilliant cutscene, sprint towards the compound marked and jump over the gate to escape. A transport helicopter starts to follow you, sprint through the streets avoiding the shots fired by the heli. They decide to fire at you but end up firing at a taxi. With the vehicle in your hands, target the heli and move to mark the soldiers grappling out. Aimed at the heli, throw the taxi towards it. Most of the grappling soldiers should be killed, if not you can just punch them a few time.

Run along the wall to the rooftop and you'll be promoted to climb higher. As soon as you reach higher you are confronted by two more transport helicopter. Fortunately the rooftop has a large number of air-conditioning units. Grab one, aim at a heli and hurl one towards it.

Web of IntrigueEdit

You now have a Blackwatch commander in your hands, calling for help. Consume him for his memories. You learn that Mercer has a sister and the military personnel you just consumed had ordered her arrest. Disguise is now unlocked. Move towards the marker to reach Dana's house.

As soon as you arrive, you'll notice that the street is under heavy guard. Reach the nearest rooftop to scout the area, you'll notice a lot of Blackwatch soldier. Change into the commander you had consumed earlier. Drop down from the roof and walk to the mission marker.

You arrive just in time to rescue Dana from the Blackwatch soldier, who had intruded into her apartment. Dana then takes you to her friend's apartment. She points out Alex's apartment on a map.

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