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  • Nardei99

    Prototype 3

    April 30, 2012 by Nardei99

    I have made up my own P3 story to share with you guys. ( It is kind of short but I will post a full blog once I am done making my version of a game)

    You play as a Gentek scientist who was a test subject for Blackwatcch/Gentek virus: Blacklight 2 and you are trying to seek revenge on those who have created you, the new [Prototype]. ( Kind of like Prototype's plot) and you seek to ally yourself with Sgt. James Heller who is having problems controlling his powers which seem to be controlling him. But Blackwatch has activated Operation: Black Widow to use their "Secret Weapon" against you and James Heller. But the secret weapon escapes and forms a new Main Enemy: Behemoth the evolved form on Goliath.

    I will release the full blog in a couple we…

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