Savage Grenadier Elite

aka Kelvi Tyrone March

  • I live in NC,Charlotte
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is I'm 13
  • I am Male
  • Savage Grenadier Elite

    I know that we are all aware of the release of [PROTOTYPE] 2.I know were all also aware of what Heller and Mercer can do.They are both infected by the virus created by GENTEK they both lost everything because of them.So why don't they work together?I'd love to see those two work together and rebel against GENTEK.But unfortunetly Heller believes the death of his family is because of Mercer.So now he's PISSED off and wants to kill Alex Mercer.Well people that's all for now.[PROTOTYPE] 2 is going to be sweet :)

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  • Savage Grenadier Elite

    I'm sure we are all aware of the beta for Prototype where Alex Mercer wore a white hoodie and a bubble jacket.Also his powers were somewhat different a good example is the fact that he would have had duel blades and if I remember he had his ability to turn his hands into three-jointed hands I'm not 100% what they are I think there the original claws.Any do you think that the publishers should have stuck to the original design or not?

    I think they could've at least kept the gray hoodie and bubble jacket.

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  • Savage Grenadier Elite

    This is my first blog so I thought "why not ask people what there favorite power is" so that's what I'm doing.In my opinion I think the Blade is the best and strongest.So what's your favorite power the power you choose can be from Prototype 2.There's my favorite power.

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