In my opinion, the human enemies were the least centred on of all the enemies throughout the Prototype games. So, I'm going to draw up a little list of enemies that I think would and should have appeared in the games had their been a little more time/interest in the idea of having various Human factions throughout the game.

NYC Looters

During both outbreaks, those lucky few people who survived the first few days or even hours decided that, in order to continue to survive, they would take what little others had via force and use it to sustain themselves. These rag tag survivalists will go through anything and anyone to survive.


  • Looter: These enemies run up to their adversaries, whether infected, Police, or military, and even Alex Mercer and James Heller, and attack them with melee weapons and Pistols. They wear various attire, mostly jackets, tracksuits, jeans, baseball caps and bandanas or balaclavas. Most times, especially in areas not controlled by the military or overrun by infected, you can find them walking around with stolen goods, namely TVs and radios, whilst getting into the occasional fight with various Police Officers. After martial law is declared in NYC, they still appear on the streets, albeit without making much of an impact against the heavily armed military forces or infected.
  • Firebomber: These enemies will attack with either Pistols or crudely fashioned explosives, namely Molotov Cocktails and then sprint away from adversaries if they get too close, though it's often of little help when they're facing a Prototype. They wear mostly the same gear as the other Looters, albeit they'll often be found wearing a satchel at their side from which they'll retrieve their explosives.
  • Sniper: These enemies will attack with Rifles, namely civilian branded ones, and will often be found on rooftops firing at infected or any other creatures or people that they deem a threat. They will often be found in jackets, jeans, sweaters, shorts and tracksuit bottoms, and can occasionally be seen wearing a Stetson hat.


  • Armed Pick Up Truck: A Pickup truck with a 50. Cal Machine Gun on the back. This lightly armed vehicle can take out weaker infected and police officers easily, but is useless against the United States Marines Corps and Blackwatch forces and will certainly not be able to deal with the stronger infected. Even after the driver and/or engine is destroyed, the machine gunner in the back will continue fighting on the stationary vehicle until he is killed or the vehicle is destroyed.

If you've got any factions or units you'd like to see, why not make your own list about them and post them below?

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