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Back Story
Prototype 2 will take place after the events of the first Prototype. The first game featured Alex Mercer as the "prototype" developed by Gentek. After finding out that experiments were being killed off, Alex decided to make a break for it. He must fight his way to safety in New York City while trying to stop General Randall, the leader of the deadly Blackwatch organization, from blowing up the city.
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Main Characters
There are many characters in the Prototype universe already, so here are the major players to get yourself caught up.

By becoming the "prototype," Alex gains many special Powers. These include both close and far-ranged attacks as well as defensive abilities.
A selection of the powers from Prototype
  • Claws are the primary way for Alex to attack.
  • Blade is another strong offensive attack.
  • Armor is a defensive ability that allows for Alex to take more damage.
  • Consume absorbs enemy bodies, giving Alex all of the powers of the being he just absorbed.

Getting around the city is a major part of the game. Alex has many ways to travel, including Wall running to quickly scale buildings and Glide to travel through the air. He can also gain Jump Upgrades to improve his already impressive abilities.

Get caught up for Prototype 2
The plot of Prototype 2 will be fairly different from the original. In this game, players take control of James Heller, another Blackwatch experiment. As James, you are out to get revenge on Alex for the events in the first game while still using powers and moves similar to that of Alex's in the original.

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