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    I just got to the part where Heller kills the mindgame playing Doctor Koenig who was infected with the Blackwatch Virus.

    Shortly after this, there's a scene where Alex Mercer shows up and talks about his "insider network" and when asked if he intends to destroy the Blacklight virus, he dodges the question.

    Alarm bells starting ringing at this point.

    Earlier in the game, he seems pretty much like he did in Prototype, the noble hero with attitude.

    But in this scene, he doesn't act like Alex Mercer at all.

    He's the kindof guy who doesn't bother with subletly, if he wants to destroy something, he brings the building down around you after slaughtering his way through an army of science miscreations.

    And the "smarmy slick attitude" isn't like him at a…

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    Prototype Quotes:

    July 24, 2012 by Tilarta

    Heller (while consuming a Blackwatch Commander): Spare some DNA? Thanks.

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