• Vatsa1708

    Hey Prototypers.

    After 21 years and 48 games, Radical Entertainment has ceased development of its own games. On 28 June, 2012 the studio had a significant reduction in their staff due to the low commercial success of Prototype 2. The remaining few employees will work on supporting other existing Activision projects.

    The PC version of Prototype 2 will release as scheduled on 24 July, 2012. However, there won't be any new games or the continuation of the Prototype Series..

    I waited until a confirmation about this situation was provided by Radical themselves, hence the delay..

    • Radical's announcement
    • Twitter
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  • Vatsa1708

    Prototype fanon

    June 8, 2012 by Vatsa1708

    Hey Prototypers.

    Recently I was approached by a user who wanted to know if we had any fanon related wiki. This question has been asked by only a few users, hence I have to know for certain that this wiki's community would like to have Prototype related fanon/fanfic on this wiki on a different namespace. With a different namespace fanon/fanfics will not interfere with the official game content. Voice your opinions in the comments below and do not forget to vote.

    The PC version of Prototype 2 will be released on July 24, 2012 with all the Radnet events unlocked on the same day (If you have a copy of the Radnet Edition or lucky enough to get the first edition)..

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  • Vatsa1708

    PC and Armor

    May 2, 2012 by Vatsa1708

    Hello Prototypers,

    With Prototype 2 out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation, most critics are happy with all the improvements but as usual found something lacking. Some have even compared it to Call of Duty while others complained about the graphics. Most fans are satisfied with the story, while others complain about the game lacking depth. But, these are all common complains you hear when a new game is released. It is just not enough for most and its their choice.

    Radnet events are being unlocked each week, for the next seven weeks, you cannot unlock new content a week before. One of the main rewards, apart from the avatar codes or dev dairies is Alex Mercer's skin. This was created for fans who wanted to play as Alex Mercer.

    Now, on to the news;

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  • Vatsa1708

    Hey Prototypers,

    With only a few weeks for the release of Prototype 2, Radical has teamed up with IGN for a 45 minutes of walkthrough. IGN will be live streaming the game on Friday, April 13 from 11:00AM-Noon Pacific and debuting a new 90-second trailer that was banned from a few TV networks for being too provocative and disturbing.

    The Live stream can be watched on here. You can check the time with the Date and Time option of your PC, change the Time Zone to UTC -8 (minus 8) Pacific Time and you can see the comparison.

    For those of you who missed the live stream, IGN has uploaded he video on their channel. You can watch the gameplay here. And from this, it seems the game's original tagline "Murder your Maker" might not mean you get to kill Merce…

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  • Vatsa1708

    Hello Prototypers..
    Its been almost a month since Radical have revealed anything. However, a list of Prototype 2 achievements were released without the PS3 trophies list. There are a few interesting achievements with less spoilers.

    A somewhat good news for those who have pre-ordered P2. With every pre-order, players gain access to Radnet, an online leaderboard of sorts where you can compete for the best score by complete a set of 55 challenges that are unlocked weekly. Player who manage to complete all 55 challenges will unlock Alex Mercer's skin.
    Mercer with Heller's voice? Not sure this is what Mercer fanboys/girls want..

    Two parts of The Anchor has been completed, detailing Mercer's failed search for humanity. The next comic in the series is T…

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