Hey Prototypers, back with some new information regarding the new protagonist Sgt. James Heller and his mutations.

New game footage of Prototype 2 from Alpha gameplay has been released by Radical Entertainment. James Heller displays some of his new moves in these videos.


First stop Heller decides to consume one of the Web of Intrigue (WoI) targets now know as Blacknet targets as consuming each will provide a mutation which you can use to upgrade Heller's abilities. Radical has integrated the WoI into the story to give it more depth and to make sure players know the complete story. More info of these can be found here. 650px

Art of Combat

Heller has indeed developed quiet a few moves of himself compared to Mercer. Arm to arm combat has been enhanced along with a few new upgrades. Hammerfists have their own devastators, similar to a Groundspike, and you can now deflect missiles using the shield. A dodge ability has been has been introduced in Prototype 2, this substitutes Mercer's diveroll ability.

Remember the annoying gunfire and missile attacks by the military which you couldn't anticipate and would get shot most of the time. Well now a laser indicates the location and direction you might be attacked from and helps you move out of harms way. 650px

Well that's most of the news we have for now until the New York Comic Con..

Posted on 12:39, October 8, 2011 (UTC)

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