P2 Hhound

As promised, i'm back with a few minor updates concerning Sgt. James Heller and the Blacklight virus. Radical has released another CGI trailer, displaying Heller's trip into the Red Zone. Our beloved hunters from Prototype have gone through some changes as you may notice.

The new trailer gives us a basic view of the New York Zero's Red Zone, and Heller's new ability Biobomb. Make sure to watch the trailer completely as it has a little surprise towards the end.



As most of you may know, Radical has crashed into the New York comic-con. Unlike the PAX or E3, you get to play Prototype 2. So if you are near by, you can enjoy two missions. There are also a few contests and giveaways, so enjoy yourself and watch out for Blackwatch..

Posted on 13:57, October 14, 2011 (UTC)

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