Hello Prototypers..
Its been almost a month since Radical have revealed anything. However, a list of Prototype 2 achievements were released without the PS3 trophies list. There are a few interesting achievements with less spoilers.


A somewhat good news for those who have pre-ordered P2. With every pre-order, players gain access to Radnet, an online leaderboard of sorts where you can compete for the best score by complete a set of 55 challenges that are unlocked weekly. Player who manage to complete all 55 challenges will unlock Alex Mercer's skin.
Mercer with Heller's voice? Not sure this is what Mercer fanboys/girls want.. center|600px


Two parts of The Anchor has been completed, detailing Mercer's failed search for humanity. The next comic in the series is The Survivors. Survivors is the story of three people trying to escape New York after the second outbreak Mercer caused..

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