As we get close to the release of Prototype 2, Radical has decided to reveal a bit about the characters we encounter in the game. What's more, they have also announced a new none PC Pre-order exclusive, although one of them is unconfirmed.

600px|Center Best Buy has announced a Pre-order, the Hardened Steel. This mode is an exclusive unlockable for Xbox and PS3 either until June 12, 2012 or till stocks last.

"North American fans who pre-order PROTOTYPE 2 at Best Buy will gain exclusive access to Sgt. James Heller's Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor. Once Heller enters any military vehicle, this unique upgrade allows him to shrug off even the most devastating attacks, whether fighting off individual enemy soldiers, helicopters, tanks and APCs, or even all of the above at once."
―What they say..

Unconfirmed edition

LE cover

The second edition is the supposed Limited Edition, consisting of a Behind the scenes DVD, an exclusive animation of the Flesh Cleaver which was a Musclemass consume animation in Prototype and an Xbox avatar. When questioned about this edition, Radical Entertainment twitted;
we don't have any info on limited editions at this time, stay tuned!
So!! They neither confirmed nor denied the availability of this edition. You can read more about this confusion here..

The Characters

For the past three weeks, Radical along with IGN have been releasing minor information about previous and upcoming character of Prototype 2. We now have names of several prominent characters.

The Priest

First on the list is Father Guerra, described as Guerra is the classic inner-city priest who carries a sandwich for the hungry and a lead pipe for the evil. Guerra is also said to be a confidante of James Heller.

The Doctor

Since McMullen's death, his company seems have become the property of Blackwatch now. There is a new virologist appointed who also happens to lead all the experiments withing the Yellow Zone of NYZ. Meet, DR. Koenig..

The Soldiers

Now we seem have two Blackwatch superiors to look out for in Prototype 2. First one is Colonel Rooks, a family guy who believes in Blackwatch's motives. And his second-in-command, Lt. Clint Riley, although we are not sure if this is the same Riley who shoots infected crows for fun..


Gentek's got a new face for its corporate sector, Sabrina Galloway. Described as a cold-hearted bean-counter who cares little about her company's human test subjects. If you start staring at her, I wouldn't blame you. Even Radical's programmers are said to have a crush on her and supposedly staring at her pictures..

Previews an Italian site, got themselves a studio tour by Radical. Although most of you may not understand Italian, the video is worth watching for those desperate for new gameplay footage.

600px|Center For the first time, there is an actual video that displays the game engine improvements Radical has been talking about. You get to glimpse the first mission with Heller still with his trench knife chasing Alex Mercer.

There is also a supposed full preview, but the details remain vague. However we have a screenshot of Heller in the Red Zone with a few familiar buildings in the background..


So that's all the new info we have Prototypers. Have a great weekend and don't forget to post your opinions or questions..

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