Teasers and trailers of the Prototype series.



Launch trailerEdit

Prototype Launch Trailer01:43

Prototype Launch Trailer

Opening CinematicEdit

PROTOTYPE - Opening Cinematic Trailer03:23

PROTOTYPE - Opening Cinematic Trailer

Flight of the HammerfistEdit

PROTOTYPE - Flight of the Hammerfist Trailer00:31

PROTOTYPE - Flight of the Hammerfist Trailer


Dev walkthroughEdit

Prototype 2Edit


Power of Tendrils teaserEdit

PROTOTYPE 2 - "The Power of Tendrils" - Teaser Trailer00:29

PROTOTYPE 2 - "The Power of Tendrils" - Teaser Trailer

EMG teaserEdit

Official PROTOTYPE 2 EGM Teaser00:19

Official PROTOTYPE 2 EGM Teaser


Prototype 2 announcement trailerEdit

Official PROTOTYPE 2 - Announcement Trailer01:35

Official PROTOTYPE 2 - Announcement Trailer

Heller Throws DownEdit

PROTOTYPE 2 - Heller Throws Down00:59

PROTOTYPE 2 - Heller Throws Down

Heller vs MercerEdit

Official PROTOTYPE 2 - Heller vs01:41

Official PROTOTYPE 2 - Heller vs. Mercer

Power of TendrilsEdit

Prototype 2 The Power of Tendrils01:27

Prototype 2 The Power of Tendrils


Prototype 2 - Homecoming Trailer01:42

Prototype 2 - Homecoming Trailer

E3 TrailerEdit

Official PROTOTYPE 2 - E3 Trailer02:00

Official PROTOTYPE 2 - E3 Trailer

Timeline debriefEdit

Prototype 2 Need-to-Know - Timeline Debrief03:34

Prototype 2 Need-to-Know - Timeline Debrief

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