"Zurich's not a man who takes no for an answer."
―Flint explaining about his former associate to Alex Mercer.[src]

Zurich was a former criminal who ran many extortion and murders along with his partner, Flint. After many years, Zurich had moved North and was acquiring land for unknown reasons.


An old friendEdit

Zurich was supposedly buying real-estate up North and found ways if the owners were reluctant to part with their land. One of them was his former partner Flint. Flint had a lumber mill, which Zurich wanted to buy. However, Flint was reluctant about selling his land and denied Zurich's offer. Later that night, Zurich sent two of his men to burn down Flint's house. However they were killed by Alex Mercer, who was unaware about Flint's past.

The intruderEdit

In order to help Flint, Mercer decided to kill Zurich and infiltrated his compound. Zurich noticed a commotion outside and was shocked to see his security killed. Concerned about his safety, Zurich ran to his office only to see Mercer standing inside with his Blade. He killed Zurich before he could comprehend what Mercer was.

Upon consuming Zurich, Mercer discovered Flint's past and was enraged about his work with Zurich.



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